Elmsville Country Store

This country store was located on the outskirts of Franklin County, Kentucky. The store was added to a cabin that was originally built sometime in the 1800's. The land it was on used to be a small township that included a doctor's office, general store and blacksmith.  Due to structural issues, this location was demolished in June 2017.


I'm shy miss
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This EVP was captured in one of the bedrooms in response to asking if there was anyone that wanted to speak with us.

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This EVP was captured while listening back to audio recorded while no one was present. This was captured in the same room as the whistling. 

00:00 / 01:22

This EVP was captured on an audio recorder that was left in the upstairs bedroom. At the beginning, you can hear one of our members ask, "do you hear that?"



No Video taken at this location

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